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Pollino FRUIT

about us

POLLINO FRUIT DOO is a member of Pollino Group which incorporates POLLINO PLAST, that manufactures pallet boxes, plastic crates for fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, along with mulch foil; and POLLINO COLD STORAGE which specializes in cold storage construction design and build services, in addition to the distribution of refrigerated equipment. POLLINO FRUIT possesses a central cold storage warehouse in the heart of Serbia’s pomiculture region alongside the Danube River, in between the capital Belgrade and the center of the medieval Serbian Despotate, Smederevo. Besides our central cold storage warehouse, we operate facilities throughout Serbia along with our own delivery fleet. By utilizing superior logistics, procurement methods, and packaging; we are able to offer fresh fruit to the most prestigious supermarket chains worldwide. Customers have therefore recognized us for our high-quality standards along with fast and efficient delivery which we have been providing for many years to our clients globally.

Our goals

Our goals are to increase our fresh fruit trade by 125% within the next three years, along with expanding the supply of our products to the market of Africa and East Asia. Furthermore, we strive to increase our storage capacity by an additional 4,000 tons within the next five years, as well as an investment in an apple grading and sorting line.

a word from the ceo

The cultivation and even more so trade of fruit is something I developed a passion for as a young highschooler when visiting the family estate during summer breaks. I can freely state that the fruit trade was something that I fell in love with at first sight. At the very beginning of my path in this business, as a highschooler I would sell the apples from our family orchard in Belgrade’s wholesale market, and within a year I was already supplying a few grocery chains in Belgrade with multiple apple varieties. Throughout the years, trade had expanded to other parts of Serbia, as did the product range. Furthermore, the participation in various international fairs gave us the opportunity to provide our products to distributors and grocery chains throughout Europe and Russia. As of now, with my loyal team and our ten facilities nationwide, we fulfill the customer demands and qualitative needs of fresh fruit and vegetables to everyone from local markets across Serbia, to world-renowned supermarket chains such as Edeke in Germany, Magnit in Russia, Kaufland in Croatia, and many others. In the future I see the company which I lead as one of the main firms not only in the fresh fruit and vegetable trade, but in the entire food industry, both in Serbia and internationally. In this regard, the drive and enthusiasm of my team and me are an endless source of energy, because of which I am certain that we will reach our goals.

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